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Andrew DellaDonna – The Process

Andrew was the 55th overall selection in Round 4 by Cedar Rapids

Andrew DellaDonna (4.25 Star Amateur Ranking, 2022 NHL Grade — NA) Forward

Neutral Zone NHL’s Ian Moran’s comments, May 2020: Andrew was a damn good pick. He obviously put up some good numbers last season with Selects (41 goals, 75 points), but what has always stood out to me was his compete, and the impact he can have on a game even when he’s not on the score sheet. He’s not one of those players who you wonder about when the game is over… thinking back to if they played or not. Andrew is involved. He’s dependable and impactful. As a coach or GM that’s what you’re looking for, a player who can impact the game in multiple ways and that is Andrew. He’s reliable in his end and understands his teammate’s job in every situation. He can fly, but he has the wherewithal to have his head on a swivel so he can read what everyone on the ice is doing and not just be a no-mind puck chaser. He can contribute on special teams too. His skill set makes him a power play guy, but he has the grind to kill. To be a good killer you have to be willing to outwork the power play and stay disciplined to your structure. He does that game in and game out. He blocks shots and he has an edge. Andrew can be irritating and I personally love it. All the stuff you’re looking for when you’re a coach and need to look down your bench to see who’s going out at the important times, Andrew has it in his make-up. So how does all of this translate to the NHL, exactly the same. He’s going to need to get stronger and quicker, but they all do. I’m just going to keep watching for his impact because he has the offensive skill set and goal scoring ability to have NHL eyes on him in about 14 months.

Toronto Marlies Classic, February 2020: Delladonna has the potential but was stifled offensively against Whitby. He found other ways to get involved like using stops and starts and a good stick on the PK or battling hard and lifting sticks to help clear the zone. If his stick is tied up, he knows to use his feet to keep the puck moving forward to a teammate in his own zone. He also brings an edgey and physical forecheck to the South Kent skilled forward unit. Grade: B+

Top 250 US Prospect Rankings (2004s), January 2020: Andrew was ranked #32 in the United States. He came in a cluster of high end forwards who were all in the mix to make the NTDP, but were not selected. The players are #26 Michael Stenberg, #29 Ryan Abraham, #30 Andon Cerbone, #31 Nathan Lewis, #33 Jack Larrigan, #34 Ryan Schelling, #35 Jimmy Clark and #35 Christian Kocsis. Interestingly, everyone in this group was ranked higher than #39 Brady Berard, #55 Cole Spicer and #65 Marek Hejduk, all of which were all chosen to represent Team USA.

Whitby Silver Stick (2004s), December 2019: An Ohio State commit, Delladonna is dangerous on the rush and from the off-wing has a high velocity shot when in full flight.  He has a high hockey IQ and is used in all key situations, but his asset is on the offensive side of the puck. He used an active stick to intercept a pass on a 5-on-3 shorthanded situation, quickly attacking offensively, but knowing to bring the puck back when he couldn’t get to the net and kill off valuable time. Grade: B+

Wendy Dufton Minor Midget AAA, November 2019: A slick winger with edges, Delladonna has quick hands that often help him elude defenders making a move on him defensively.  He plays within a system and will back up his D on a pinch in the offensive zone. Delladonna does not shy away from the physical side of the game and knows to get a shoulder in at the right time to gain inside position in puck battles.  A tough, fast forward, with skill who can play with an edge – he plays a fast paced power game showed great flashes of skill and compete to get into the good scoring areas. Grade: A- College: Ohio State

USA Hockey Select 15 Development Camp, August 2019: Andrew is not tall but strong and stalky. His core allowed him to win battles and grind shifts out. He played through contact with the puck or to get to the net front. He snapped passes cross ice on the go and also showed he could sauce passes short and long. His stick is slick. He did not pick up any points here but was a factor most shifts. Hit a post, went to tough areas and showed good speed on the rush.. He is multi-talented and thus should evolve into a player that can play in any situation up and down the roster. Right now he is stronger than most others, he must keep working on his mobility and stick play. Has nice upside. Grade: B-  College: Ohio State

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images

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