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BCHL: Coquitlam at Langley

General Game Notes: Tonight was a low scoring game but exciting down to the last couple minutes. The last two minutes of the game was a flurry of chances from the Riverman given that they were down a goal and needed to tie the game. Coquitlam defended their ice diligently and were able to seal the deal with an empty netter.

Ethan SimcoeCoquitlam ExpressBCHLLG6’1″161Lac du Bonnet, MB20062023-2024: C

Game Grade: A

Comments: Simcoe was great tonight stopping twenty nine of thirty shots that were thrown at him. He controlled the game well, playing the puck when the time presented itself and causing a whistle when his team was hemmed in the zone. He showed good footwork sliding laterally and staying positioned to make a stop with rebounds. Gets out his net well to stop the rim and looks the play the puck to his defenseman, acts like an extra killer on the penalty kill.

Cole MeladyCoquitlam ExpressBCHLLLW5’11”188Seaforth, ON2003Free Agent

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Melady shows tremendous energy and work ethic on the forecheck and in puck battles. His first three steps to retrieve pucks helps create possession back for his team. He has great hands in traffic and can execute a high degree of difficult passes with his playmaking as he’s very crafty. Couple times tonight he would make a move to the middle in tight on the defenseman showing his hands then right away make another, whether this was with his feet or hands, the second move was quick showing off his IQ knowing where opponents were.

Michael RubinCoquitlam ExpressBCHLRD6’1″183Sacred Heart | 2024Blauvelt, NY2003Free Agent

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Rubin has excellent offensive awareness throughout the game. They consistently positioned themselves well in the offensive zone, providing support for their forwards and creating scoring opportunities. He finds dead ice when his teammates are looking to extend possession. He showed his stickhandling skills tonight, enabling them to navigate through traffic and maintain puck possession under pressure and on breakouts. He was able to beat coverages on his own breaking the puck out by stickhandling around F1 and F2. At times, he needs to choose when to join the rush and when not to, left his team vulnerable a couple times

Nate CremaCoquitlam ExpressBCHLLLW5’7″141North Vancouver, BC2006Not yet rated

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Crema continues to be a buzz saw on the puck, one thing he did well tonight was get lost in the offensive zone on entries. When he does not have the puck entering the zone, he sneaks into dead ice as the late guy finding space to be available, when he did not get the puck, he was in good position to defend the rush against. He forced a couple plays tonight, shooting the puck when maybe had some time to find teammates. He is a tenacious player and wants to create but could do a better job at recognizing the difference between time and space and when to get to the net

Joseph OdyniecCoquitlam ExpressBCHLRRW6’2″201Connecticut | 2024Washington, DC20042023-2024: C

Game Grade: A-

Comments: Another big winger for the Express who did a great job tonight at using his size and speed on entries. What made him tough to play against was at top speed he gets low driving into defenseman but able to maintain full body strength, he is able to take a lot of pucks to the net and create space for himself this way. Likes to play physical and was hungry on the puck, small detail in games but in 50/50 puck battles, he will initiate contact on the defender giving himself that small amount of room to work with and ultimately extend his possession to make plays.

Jackson KrillCoquitlam ExpressBCHLRF6’1″185Vermont | 2024Port Moody, BC20042023-2024: C

Game Grade: A-

Comments: Krill is a force on the ice and is not afraid to stir it up. He plays hard and with grit, sometimes getting himself caught in the box but one thing he does well is set the tone for his teammates. He defends well matching the speed of the rush against and has an active stick as a forward forcing the rush to take a wide angle. On turnovers, he recognizes numbers going the other way and uses that same speed to create chances at the other net. Other than his discipline in tonight’s game, he plays a hard fought match and makes him tough to play against.

Logan MorrellCoquitlam ExpressBCHLRC6’2″200Michigan Tech | 2024Mesa, AZ20032020-2021: C

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Morell was good tonight in the face off circle, he gets low on his draws and lets physicality win out. He protects the puck well with is larger frame and invites defenders in to play him, he likes the pressure especially against the smaller kids, when he gets his footing right initiating contact he creates space for himself. When Morell has a chance, he takes it, he does really well and getting strong on his stick and releasing a powerful shot. His jump back into his own end could be quicker.

Sebastian BradshawCoquitlam ExpressBCHLLLW6’3″201New Hampshire | 2025Newtonville, ON20052023-2024: C
2023 round 7 #221 overall by Dallas Stars

Game Grade: A-

Comments: Bradshaw had the game winner tonight and was able to display how well he bears down on the puck. The massive winger that is Bradshaw commands ice when he is in the offensive zone. What he did really well tonight was win the battles that were expected of him. Loose pucks along the wall, in the corner, or in front of the net, he used 100% of his frame to create body and stick position over his opposition. Plays a heavy game as expected but does it with taste, he does not run around looking to stir pots, rather he finishes checks when the time is appropriate.

Luke AshtonLangley RivermanBCHLLD6’5″230North Vancouver, BC20052023-2024: C

Game Grade: B

Comments: With the only goal of the game for the Rivermen, Ashton was able to show some offensiveness. He is relied on in his own zone and this was showing by the way he defends in zone and boxes out. He is quick on loose pucks and is not afraid to play guys tight, not worried about getting beat. He has a good stick and feet defending the rush, but can also step up and lay the body. He does not swing his stick rather keeps it locked on the puck. Couple times tonight on the rush his gap was placed in the offensive zone. He would swing through getting speed with forward skating forcing his opponents to make chips and dump pucks early.

Vitaly LevyyLangley RivermanBCHLRF5’11”170Sacred Heart | 2024Old Brookville, NY2003Free Agent

Game Grade: A-

Comments: Levvy oozes skill and creativity when he has the puck, possessing great control and vision to spot teammates for timely plays and dangerous scoring chances. When he attacked down the wall, he does a good job at drawing the coverage to him and finding seams for teammates in scoring spaces. He has an underrated shot as he can get a shot off in an instant. Couple times tonight he would catch pucks in his skates or outside his wheel house and find ways to get it to his blade and get his shot off without missing a beat.

Aaron ReiersonLangley RivermanBCHLRLW6’1″165Moorhead, MN2005Not yet rated

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Reierson can be a skilled winger with good hockey sense and finishing ability to go in a 6-2 frame. He has such a unique combination that is shown in so many places on the ice. Tonight in the face off circle, a lot of pucks were won because he was able to create body position in small areas. He changes sides of the rink well drawing everyone to him only to release the puck on the other side giving his teammates time ands space. His skating needs some work in the small areas being able to be agile and play against smaller defenders, lots of sticks get in his area that could be defended with quicker footwork.

Morgan BradyLangley RivermanBCHLRD6’1″188Arizona State | 2024Woking, AB2005Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Brady is a defender with good mobility for his size and more offense to his game than you would think. His game really relies in his own end where he can showcase his dominance over opponents playing them hard along the walls and in front of the net but you can expect a little puck logging here and there. He outlets the puck well and fast, he’s got a heavy shot, and with his frame and mobility, he can construct space low along where he was pinching a couple times tonight.

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images

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