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BCHL: West Kelowna at Prince George Spruce Kings

General Game Notes: November 10th, 2023. BCHL action between the West Kelowna Warriors and the Prince George Spruce Kings. The Spruce Kings took advantage of home ice and won the game by a final score of 3-1, despite only registering 1 shot on goal in the 3rd period.

Marcus OuelletPrince George Spruce KingsBCHLLG6’0″206AIC | 2024Toronto, ON2004Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Ouellet played a great game vs the Warriors. He was rock solid making big saves throughout the game, ultimately leading his team to victory. Kept the game simple and doesn’t over-complicate his movements. Instead he stays square by not over-playing the puck. Was good along his posts and off angle shots utilizing the RVH often and covering low when pucks came to the front of the net. Albeit not being the biggest goalie, he played deep in his crease and did get beat on the goal against because of it. This could be something he could improve upon.

Kai GreavesPrince George Spruce KingsBCHLRD6’2″185Princeton | 2024Cambridge, ON2003Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Greaves logs a ton of ice time for the Spruce Kings. Plays in all situations and is reliable. Skates well for a big defender and uses this to his advantage to retrieve pucks in his own end. Goes back with a purpose, has his head up and makes plays according to the pressure he receives. For example – he isn’t afraid to skate the puck up the ice, or go glass and out if that is the play to be made. Offensively contributes by getting quick wrist shots on net with traffic in front.

Tristan TaylorPrince George Spruce KingsBCHLRD6’3″201Anmore, BC2004Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Taylor is a big bodied right shot defenseman who plays well at both ends of the ice. Uses his big frame to play physical and does a good job net front at boxing out his opponents. With a longer reach he was able to win loose puck battles along the walls and poking pucks up the ice to start the transition play. Additionally, in the offensive zone could walk the blue line with confidence and get quick shots to the net with traffic. Didn’t over-complicate his offensive zone plays, but instead kept it simple, yet effective. Typically making simple hard plays and not forcing any unnecessary pucks to the middle / high traffic areas.

Trent BallentynePrince George Spruce KingsBCHLRD6’2″191Moncton Wildcats | 2022Ottawa, ON2004Not yet rated

Game Grade: B-

Comments: Ballentyne is a bigger, right shot defenseman who plays a physical game. Laid some bone crunching hits in the defensive end where he was able to time it well and meet his opponents heavily along the walls. Doesn’t have the quickest feet, but owns a nice set of hands as he’s able to buy time for himself by protecting the puck with some nice dangles / puck protection.

Alexis CournoyerPrince George Spruce KingsBCHLRRW6’1″174Drummondville Voltigeurs | 2019Sorel-Tracy, QC2003Not yet rated

Game Grade: B-

Comments: Cournoyer is a bigger, power forward type player who owns a heavy shot and quick release. Scored the GWG for the Spruce Kings by catching and releasing a puck off the face-off, beating the goaltender clean. The shot itself was impressive as he was able to corral it quickly, have his head up and flick his wrist with ease to put a bullet of a shot towards the net.

Linden MakowPrince George Spruce KingsBCHLRRW5’10”170Vanderhoof, BC2004Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Makow has a good mix of grit and skill. He’s gritty in the sense that he digs and whacks and will do whatever it takes to get the puck. He shows skill by holding onto pucks and making crisp passes. He also has the ability to finish plays around the net. Despite being on the smaller side, he is fearless in the corners and doesn’t shy away from the physical play himself.

Jared LangdonWellington DukesOJHLLC5’11”180Clarkson | 2025Crystal, ON20062024-2025: C

Game Grade: B-

Comments: Langdon is a reliable 2-way forward who was excellent in the face-off dot all night. Won many important face-offs, and even assisted on a goal from a clean win that went tape to tape with his teammate (who ended up scoring). Stops on pucks in all three zones, allowing him to re-gain control on loose pucks. By doing so he is able to control the play better and attack offensively.

Kazumo SasakiPrince George Spruce KingsBCHLLLW5’10”150Lake Superior | 2025Tokyo, JPN2005Not yet rated

Game Grade: C+

Comments: Sasaki owns a high end skill set. He can beat defenders in 1 on 1 situations because of his speed and skill. Showed off his nice hands on multiple occasions, cutting inside/outside, creating more time and space to attack the net. Had some good chances, but was unable to finish the play. At times, looked frustrated.

Trey AusmusWest Kelowna WarriorsBCHLLD6’0″161East Grand Forks, MN20042021-2022: C+

Game Grade: C+

Comments: Ausmus did a good job on the PK. Collected pucks low and got them out of his own zone. Additionally, he blocked some shots net front and was able to be first on pucks in 50/50 battles.

Felix CaronWest Kelowna WarriorsBCHLRRW5’11”165RPI | 2024Terrebonne, QC2004Not yet rated

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Despite not getting on the score-sheet Caron was one of the more noticeable players on the ice. Can truly orchestrate a power-play, especially on the half-wall spot. Collects pucks and doesn’t force unnecessary plays to areas where pucks can get picked off. Owns a good shot and can one-time pucks on net if given the time and space. One of those players that can make the game look effortless as he controls the puck, holds onto it, making his play accordingly to what he sees in front of him. Can shoot the puck if necessary, but also is a great passer. Hard to contain / defend against because of this.

Isaiah NorlinWest Kelowna WarriorsBCHLRD6’5″187Clarkson | 2024Minneapolis, MN2003Not yet rated

Game Grade: A

Comments: Norlin is a towering right shot defenseman who plays well at both ends of the ice. Owns good offensive instincts as well as defensive too. In the DZ, he kills plays using his long reach. Typically leads with his stick first to end plays, but will lay the body if necessary. Likes to poke loose pucks up the ice and join the rush as the second wave of offense. Could catch and release pucks off the rush, but was good in the zone as well. Considering his size, he was able to catch pucks at the blue line, use his reach to avoid checks and get pucks on net. Had a high hockey IQ and could read when to be aggressive and when not to be.

Jackson KyrkostasWest Kelowna WarriorsBCHLRC5’10”170RPI | 2024Selden, NJ20042021-2022: C

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Kyrkostas and his linemates were gelling right from puck drop. Created good chemistry in the offensive zone by possessing the puck, creating cycles and attacking the net. He showed good hockey IQ as he didn’t throw away pucks blindly, instead held onto them and waited for the best play to be made. Kyrkostas scored his teams only goal in a solo-effort. He collected the puck in the defensive zone, weaved in and out of traffic, entered the offensive zone, and ripped a bullet of a wrist shot (using the defender as a screen) that went top shelf, post and in. It was a beautiful goal that exemplified a lot of his talents.

Johannes LokkebergWest Kelowna WarriorsBCHLRC5’11”158Stjernen, NOW2004Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Lokkeberg was relentless on pucks in the offensive zone. On multiple occasions, it seemed the Spruce Kings had complete control and Lokkeberg was able to hunt the puck, break up possession and get it back for himself or his teammates. By doing so, he was able to control the puck in the offensive zone, make cycle plays with his line-mates and eventually filter pucks to the net. Owns skill, but his work ethic allows him to make plays and get to the areas where you are rewarded.

Viggo NordstromWest Kelowna WarriorsBCHLLC5’8″158Lulea, SWE2003Not yet rated

Game Grade: B

Comments: Nordstrom is a fast and shifty winger who is able to make plays at full speed. Likes to attack off the rush and was effective on zone entries solely based off his speed. Once entering the OZ, he was able to make some high-end plays, typically making drop passes or cross-ice passes to his teammates streaking towards the net. Owns a high hockey IQ and makes his teammates around him better players.

Eliot ComptonW
est Kelowna Warriors
BCHLRRW6’2″165Victoria, BC20072024-2025: C

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Compton was effective all night, especially down-low in the offensive zone. He was able to get to pucks on the forecheck and maintain possession. He did this by using his bigger frame to protect the puck, using his butt as a shield and utilizing pop plays to his linemates. Wasn’t afraid to attack the net from down-low either, putting his shoulder down and jamming pucks into the goaltenders feet. With his size and skill, he has many power-forward traits that show his potential.

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images

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