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MHL: AKM at CSKA Moscow

Alexei DontsovKrasnaya Armiya MoskvaMHLLC5’9″176Moscow, RUS20062023-2024: B-

Game Grade: B+

Comments: Draft eligible forward, Dontsov had a great showing tonight. He plays with a lot of pace and is able to drive play through smart cuts, quick stick handling, and smart/well timed passes to open teammates. He is great at transporting the puck up ice, moving with pace and cutting East-West around the NZ and OZ to get into open space. He uses the edges and heels of his blades to make precise cuts and turns in the OZ. He combines his skating with quick hands to escape pressure and maneuver around the zone with intention. He shows off good vision, scanning for teammates and making a quick choice of where to move the puck. He was rewarded with a goal in the second taking a heavy wrist shot that deflected off of an opponent’s leg and found the back of the net. He may only be 5-8 but we love the speed and skill he displayed consistently all night.

Ivan OkunevKrasnaya Armiya MoskvaInternationalLC5’11”161Voronezh, RUS20062023-2024: B-

Game Grade: C

Comments: Okunev is very confident with the puck on his stick. He uses elite hands to walk around the OZ and attempts crazy moves that sometimes work in his favor. He finished tonight with 2 goals. The first coming off a great passing play where he cut back door and was able to deflect the puck in. The second was a surprise shot that he threw on net before circling behind the cage. It caught the goalie off guard and went in off of the back of his leg. Okunev was hot tonight and he tried to cap off the hat trick with a lacrosse goal late in the third that was unsuccessful. He has a lot of speed, skill, and confidence for a 17 year old. We didn’t have too many notes on him but we will definitely be keeping an eye out in the future.

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