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Junior Bruins Shootout U16: Notables

Neutral Zone headed to Marlboro for the Boston Junior Bruins shootout September 23-24 in Marl. Below are 20 players that we feel stood out at the U16 level players did well to make this report. We had limited viewing, so we did not assign grades and players are listed in no particular order.

Danny Colon # 13 (F, R, U16 Neponset Valley River Rats, 2001)- Always seems to be around the puck and creates offense. Scored a nice goal off the rush in the finals vs South Florida. Very smooth and composed all over the ice. He supports the puck well and is good in all three zones. Crafty with the puck, finds ways to make plays.

Casey Severo # 19 (F, R, U16 Neponset Valley River Rats, 2001)- Great motor and plays hard. Smooth skater that makes plays in the offensive zone. He had big two goal game in the semis vs Selects that helped carry his team to the finals. Uses his speed through the neutral zone to create scoring chances.

Reese Farrell # 63 (F, R, U16 Neponset Valley River Rats, 2001)- 6’0, 180 frame that competes all over the ice. He gets in hard on the forecheck to disturb opposing defensemen. He works to win puck battles, and moves up the ice well. He can create offense and is good below the dots and on the sidewall. Playing at NYA again this winter.

Ben Raymond # 96 (F, L ,U16 Neponset Valley River Rats, 2001)- Explosive skater and uses it in transition. He pushes the play and is very skilled with the puck. He played much harder than we have seen in the past. He will be playing at Dexter this winter.

Kyle Mandleur # 57 (F, L , Mercer Chiefs, 2001)- A physical presence on the ice. 6’5, 240, he sticks to his strengths and protects the puck well and plays the power forward role extremely well. He is great below the dots and competes hard. Great shot that gets to the net, and he battles for loose pucks. Committed to Vermont. He will continue to develop and play a big man’s game very well. College: Vermont

Alex Jefferies # 8 (F, R, Islanders U16 USPHL, 2001)- Really skilled forward. Crafty and makes plays. Scored a nice goal coming down the wing vs Hill Academy and tucked it in the crossbar short side. He makes plays and finds space for his line mates, very gifted offensively. Smooth skater and high IQ.

Ben McGlashing # 53 (F, R, Islander U16 USPHL, 2001)- Big 6’3 right shot forward. He moves well for his size. If continues to play a hard-nosed game, he will be very successful. He can get up and down the ice, he has a lot of upside because of his size. He can be a great power forward, we had similar notes back at the Beantown, it will be interesting to see how he progresses this winter.

Miika Mannikko # 2 (D, L, South Florida Hockey Academy, 2001)- The left shot D from Lahti, Finland was very impressive. He is solid puck moving defenseman. He does a great job at getting pucks to the net in the offensive zone. Makes a good first pass out of the zone and has good feet that allows him to jump in the rush.

Taurin Haddon- Harris # 5 (F, L, South Florida Hockey Academy, 2001)- Hard working forward that competed all over the ice. He is your typical two way forward that plays in all three zones, we saw him contribute to the offense but also be able to play in his own zone. He has a lot of tools, but a good combination of grit and skill.

Artem Shlaine # 13 (F, L, South Florida Hockey Academy, 2002)- Lengthy left shot forward at 6’0, 155. As he continues to develop physically, he will be even more dangerous. He is really creative and poised with the puck, anything can happen when the puck is on his stick. He slows the game down and sees the ice so well. He is not the faster player on the ice, but he has the ability to do everything else. High IQ and makes great hockey plays.

Jake Waterman # 12 (F, L, South Shore Kings U16, 2002)- The 2002 is playing up at the U16 level. He plays at a really high pace and buzzes around the ice. He is good in transition and uses his speed through the neutral zone. He isn’t the biggest kid on the ice but he plays hard. Huge upside and will continue to improve because his motor and skill set.

William Tripp # 5 (D, L, CC Whalers, 2002)- Small left shot puck moving defenseman. Smooth skater and does a good job at moving pucks up the ice. He is a great defenseman to have on your power play as he handles the puck so well. He gets back to pucks quick in his own zone to start the breakout. As he develops physically, he will get better and better.

Riley Duran # 12 (F, R, CC Whalers,2002) – We saw on him on two different teams this weekend. The Whalers and Islanders fall team. Riley is a crafty two-way forward. He supports the puck really well and plays the full 200 feet. He can create offense off the rush, he moves well up and down the ice. Moving over the Malden Catholic this winter.

Kevin MacKay # 21 (D, L, CC Whalers, 2001- 6’0 left shot defenseman that likes to join the rush and contribute. He skates well enough to go with the puck. He handles the puck well, and does a good job in transition and on the breakout. Plays tough in his own end. Does a good job on the offensive blue line at getting pucks to the net.

Jack Hillman # 8 (D, L, Hill Academy, 2001)-  Smooth and smart puck moving defenseman. He plays in all situations; he runs the power play up top and finds seams. He is efficient and effective, he gets pucks to the net. Plays the game with his head up and is always looking to move the puck to his forwards. Really composed and takes care of his own end.

Brett Berard # 9 (F, L, CC Whalers, 2002)- Average size left shot forward. His IQ is very high and he finds space for his line mates to get him the puck. He works and competes hard for pucks, Plays with his head up and makes good hockey plays. Very poisedd and makes good decisions, had some nice looks on the powerplay. College: Providence

Cody Sealey # 6 (D, R, CC Whalers, 2002)- The 02 defensemen is very steady and is always in the right spots all over the ice. He can join the rush and make offensive plays, and he can be stay at home and protect his own end. Makes a good first pass, and wins 1v1 battles. He finds his open teammates constantly.

Colin Graf # 11 (F, R, Junior Bruins 16U, 2002)- He may be on the smaller side, but he is skilled and competes hard. He gets in on the forecheck to cause havoc, he battles for pucks. He does not let his size dictate his game. He accelerates into the offensive forcing D to play him. We saw him on the ice in all situations, he has the skill & sense to be good on the PP and the work ethic to be on the PK.

Max Bodganovich # 63 (F, L, Junior Bruins 16U, 2001)- 6’3, 216 allows him to be noticed before the game even starts. He has a ton of skill and at his size can dominate any game he is playing in. He needs to compete every shift. But when he is moving at full speed, he is very hard to stop because of his strength and ability. He will continue to learn how to play at his size and rapidly develop. Huge upside. College: Maine

Frankie Ireland # 19 (F, L, Junior Bruins 16U, 2001)- The left shot forward plays hard and competes every shift he is on the ice. He has the ability to play in all situations, he good stick and gets pucks to the net. He scored a nice goal off the opening faceoff vs Rochester by winning a battle to go in on a breakaway.  Frankie sees the ice well and makes plays. He works and plays the full 200 feet.


Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images

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